fake memoir title #3

“Is it healthy to cling to your closest living friend for constant emotional support after the death of your spouse, and other stupid questions”

I’m mostly just grateful to have someone not flinch at witnessing the depth of my grief. Grateful to have someone to smooth the edges of my broken heart gently back into place day after day. But I have times where I still worry it’s a burden. That by the chance of having been our oldest mutual friend they’re now stuck with inheriting the role of my protector, like some sort of platonic levirate remarriage. I guess I worry it’s a duty, something you shouldn’t expect people to put up with for ages.

And really, brain? If you were talking to a grieving friend, you’d say that sounds completely normal and you should rely on people as much as they ask you to. Someone needs to tell you to stop worrying about everything.

It was someone’s job, but unfortunately, he’s dead.