Neveready the battery no one wants to own

I keep hallucinating sounds. I had over 8 fucking hours of sleep last night for gods’ sake. Why am I imagining things

A bit of a jingle sounds like the opening to the IT Crowd even though I know it isn’t

The silence becomes the beep of the baby monitor complaining that its batteries are low. If on battery it complains for twice as long as it doesn’t, so this is a familiar noise but

The thing is plugged in and it doesn’t ever make that beep while plugged in. 

It’s not real. 

And my stupid stubborn brain thinks “if I can’t trust my senses this much, couldn’t he still be alive?”

Ugh. Stomach churning episode of I’m actually here. Dissociation is real, kids

I don’t know how it’s possible that I actually have to be here to experience this. The only thing I want to be real is that this is some horrible really long dream

I’m not ready. I’ll never be ready