I got the Forsaken Destiny 2 DLC. We hadn’t really finished the Warmind expansion this spring. But it looks like some of our clanmates are going to stick around for this one and so even if all I do is a little of it, I’ll have some social time that’s low pressure and doesn’t involve lining up childcare or having to drive anywhere. 

But FUCK is it hard going back. Sitting there thinking about the anticipation of loading in to a new expansion. We’re supposed to be next to each other, me on the little portable xbox screen, watching the cutscenes from your game together on the big tv. TTK, Rise of Iron, Destiny 2 itself, staycations to game together. 

I cried when Cayde says “I’m coming home, Ace.”

I don’t know if I’ll be raid ready ever, because it will take me so long to level and because I don’t know if I can face doing it without you anyway. We’re down to too few active clanmates so we’d have to LFG for a sixth

and I feel like Eriana-3 losing Wei Ning or Eris’ fireteam when Tarlowe fell

but maybe I can join the 3-person activities, get something out of it, some escape in the immersion

omnican and aediapony at the tower in Destiny 1, taking screenshots before Destiny 2 release