puddles and cameras

Yesterday it rained while the sun was coming back out. Bright afternoon sun backlighting the gentle rain

Our son gleeful, stomping in a giant puddle in the backyard

Today full of headache still took him to an orchard fall festival with family. He mostly wanted to run down long grassy slopes, lifting his feet high to get through swishy overgrown damp grass. I was noise- and light-sensitive so very out of it

I took my camera to the orchard, tried to get some photos of him with family, haven’t looked yet but probably all shitty (technically and artistically) but just picking it up is probably good.

I have been taking phone photos, but hardly any with the “real” camera since Zack died. The DSLR he bought me, eight years or so ago, because I was too stingy to do it myself and he encouraged my passion for photography, thought I deserved a digital camera that wasn’t a point and shoot. He painstakingly searched through the Canon and Nikon offerings to find something that suited me, where the top display and wheels would feel as much as possible like what I was most fond of and familiar with (mostly Pentax SLRs like the Spotmatic and K1000), and where all pertinent info would be available without having to go in menus in the back LCD; finally settled on the Nikon D300s. 

maybe good to not withdraw from all my previous interests

busy weekend at least keeps me from having hours to write and cry