10/10 would not recommend

instructions unclear, rating system fucked

What a stupid date. 10/10.

I’m bad today for no clear reason. Angry and crying

Seeing our almost 22-month old kid play with trucks, use the digger to push stars (Gerber puffs) around and load them into a dump truck and eat them. Demanding that we get him more stars, that we push them around with a bulldozer, that we pour them

How much it hurts that you don’t get to play like that. You would have been amazing. I hate that I barely got to see you as a father beyond his infancy. You always had ways of playing with him that were different from anyone else. You never get to throw a ball with him outside. I am so angry. He’s resilient, he doesn’t quite know what he’s missing. but I do

And you’re missing all Toddler’s words. I reread some old texts… in early June, I thought he might have said “boat gone” for the first time. We discussed, thought it improbable, that he probably said the words near each other but didn’t quite mean them as one utterance, because there wasn’t a repeat for a really long time and he had just gotten the hang of single words. We had been concerned enough when he didn’t have a single word at 15 months that he had an early intervention eval (delayed, but not enough to qualify for services).

It’s unmistakable now four months later that he does make 3+ word phrases. I’m furious you don’t get the reassurance of knowing he’s back on track.

You saw him say “Da,” but not “Daddy” like he can now.

You never heard him say “Mama.”