don’t have to

I don’t have to check if you need shirts washed or if you’re running out of shampoo

you can’t judge me for not remembering to use the daily shower spray

we don’t have to figure out how to rearrange the living room for the projector you wanted to get. you don’t have to put up with my inherited wooden couch that annoyed you because it only fits well in one spot in the whole house

you don’t have to worry about how to fix the half-working touchpad on your laptop (the aging 17-inch macbook pro you bought years ago almost on a whim so that you could join me on a family beach vacation and stay in some days to make progress on your projects for your master’s degree. you loved it and were so frustrated that they stopped making the larger one, because the screen was so much better for your bad eyesight.┬áspeaking of the macbook and eyesight, you don’t have to be annoyed that zooming didn’t work perfectly after the last major OS update a year or two ago.)

I don’t have to pick up my laundry on the bathroom floor

I don’t have to make sure there’s tums in my purse and you remember your sunglasses

I don’t have to listen when you tell me not to stay up too late or fall asleep on the couch

I don’t want these weird freedoms

I miss you so much and I want all these stupid things back