bioshock infinite would also be a good name for grief

When I’m trying to work or clean or drive to an appointment or something, I set it aside somehow, this idea that you’re actually gone. Because if you’re not here, why am I continuing these mundane activities. Why am I not a screaming wreck on the floor instead of a wreck who tries to hold a job

I’m glad for parenting in that it forces me to try harder to function. But I’m furious he won’t know you, that you don’t get to see him grow

“What was once your pain will be your home”

Indigo Girls

I am devoured by adoration for you. I feel bereft, devoid, I become the vastness, I row in the starlessness to each lighthouse each universe calling wishing there is one that contains you

the spark of your unceasing love

conveyed by an unearthly bond and fueled by disbelief I stagger on into continued existence. Loneliness the absolutely searing weight of aching for your presence

and your gift of our years of joy. in being ripped away this beautiful thing is the cruelest pain yet is the thing that sustains me

You always wanted to take on the world for me and in a way you still are. Buffering me from the world, driving me forward