Z is right again

I never thought I would freak out over one of my kid’s toys suddenly coming to life and making noise, but when you think a weird loud noise is coming over the baby monitor after your toddler is asleep, it’s confusing and scary.

I couldn’t even locate the source of the sound until it went off again with tinny marimba music. It’s the jungle animal playset and I forgot that the door to the lion’s cave alternately roars (in a poor quality recording that is hard to understand as a roar without context) and plays a music clip.  Must have been stuck open just slightly, so that a vibration of the floorboards sets it off.

Or the thing is possessed.

Zack didn’t like that toy much anyway because he thought it didn’t promote creativity as there is not much to do with it except press the things that make noise.

It’s not a big hit compared to the bead maze in the same part of the living room, anyway, but I hadn’t gotten around to taking the batteries out and hiding it even though Z suggested putting it away until kid was older and could get more out of it playing pretend, and then of course everything went to shit and I haven’t curated the toy selection in months. (If you’re wondering why Z didn’t just do it himself, it’s because organizing things is my thing, except in the kitchen where I’m only allowed to reorganize my pantry shelf and my coffee nook.)

like always, you were right. you get to be right from beyond the grave.