optical man-hole

I didn’t really sleep last night, but I got a short nap in today. So, consequently, I’m not ready to fall asleep early today. 

Exhausted is my new normal but I’m not looking forward to trying to focus at work tomorrow. 

I can’t believe it’s been three months. I basically missed all of summer and it’s somehow fall already. 

I feel like I’m in some sort of Plato’s Cave thing like I think the glint of wiggly light on the surface of the water is all there is of the sun. Maybe an analogy to Snell’s window is there somewhere too but I’m too tired. 

I’m scared of the memories of the little things fading. Kissing you goodbye every morning. Debriefing and discussing board games on the car ride home. Your hand on my shoulder. Scratching your back before cutting my nails every time they got long. You telling me to go to bed and you would finish the chore I was doing. Feeling your heartbeat when I lay my head down on your chest.