incompetence at basic tasks

i just tried really hard to assemble an infant ibuprofen syringe wrong. it’s only two pieces. jfc.

brief break in toddler wrangling because his grandma who lives with us has taken over the evening parts that Z is supposed to do. Toddler really was an angel tonight though. except for refusing to swallow the ibuprofen so i don’t have high hopes about getting any sleep unless it’s not actually teething and we get a fluke good night

CR LF is showing at the bottom of my notepad++ window and it suddenly hits me that I think that was my name in our rockband instance a decade ago. fuck.

green grass and high tides forever. Maps. Wait, they don’t love you like I love you

doorway effect

I’ve never been so blind

Yesterday I thought I had no more croutons. Today I open the pantry cabinet and they are right there in my face

I can’t remember where I put anything down. 

Not just don’t remember where you put your coffee mug or forget what you went in the other room for, but as if objects blink in and out of existence at will. I can no longer blame this on an invasion of other people in my house moving things. The toddler (mostly) doesn’t even steal my stuff off counters.  

Takes three tries and repeating the word aloud to myself to remember what I meant to get from upstairs. 

I hope it’s the lack of sleep and not how my brain is forever now